Monthly Archives: November 2008

Changing Concept

It seems like it might be easier to blog with a clearer focus. So maybe I could use this blog to share ideas and inspiration for writers. That might have some long-term benefit, not only for encouraging The Company They Keep, but also for my Writing Coach.



I am using the typewriter theme from my book to develop my brand. I like QWERTY  as a blog title–  suggests typing/writing, suggests community and working together, suggests old school, suggests lots of graphic potential, and besides, it’s a seriously cool sounding word.


It’s hard to find a theme that I really like. I want it very readable, with discreet sections clearly defined. I want a clean color scheme. I want it to feel like me.

Another Try

tree rock sky

Second Day

Thinking a lot about our trip to Yosemite. Beautiful beyond measure. Wish I knew how to knead the yeast of that experience into more of my life.


Learning By Doing

Sometimes you read a book. Sometimes you take a class. Sometimes you hire an expert. And sometimes you just plunge in and give it a try.