The New Writer’s Handbook, Volume 2

The New Writer's Handbook, Vol. 2

“It surprises and satisfies,” declares the cover, and it turns out the cover is right. The New Writer’s Handbook: A Practical Anthology of Best Advice for Your Craft and Career, Volume 2 is well worth your time.

I was concerned that the short chapters and multiple authors would mean shallow content and a bumpy ride. Largely due to the skillful editing of Philip Martin, the whole thing holds together very well. More than 60 short articles on a variety of writing topics are carefully grouped and sequenced. They are practical, clear, varied, and economical.

I tried a quick skim, and I found myself reading it instead. I thought I’d be restless, and I found myself immersed. I figured it’d be same-old same-old, and I found good information, strong voices,  and fresh perspectives throughout.

I should add that I contributed one of those short chapters, a look at Lewis and Tolkien as collaborative writers.

I like this book. I am proud to be part of this project.  



One response to “The New Writer’s Handbook, Volume 2

  1. I got this book from the library. Besides your own excellent entry, which I recognized as a retelling from your book, I most enjoyed Tess Gerritsen explaining why most action fiction is boring (because it is), and the very funny pieces by Tim Patterson on travel writer personalities and by Giles Turnbull on writing your author bio.

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